Process Workflow

Step 1
Situation Review/Analysis

An analysis shall be run and we will be assessing the situation from the ground up. From here, we will be studying what goes on entirely by looking at the website, studying statistics, and collecting thoughts on what needs to be reworked, overhauled, and changed. 

But if you’re not equipped with a website yet, we will seek to understand your business to make the best results for your website. We shall be asking questions, making inquiries regarding your business, and how it works. With this information, we shall craft your website according to the identity of your business, making sure that it stands above the rest.

Step 2
Information Architecture and User Interface planning

“The drawing board”. This is where we’ll be creating the plans for your website. We’ll be creating a concept that will serve as a road map on how the entirety of the website and its functions along with how it will look like. Our main goal for website creation is to reach the point that even those who are not computer-savvy will be able to use the website with relative ease.

Step 3
Interface Design

The design of your website outright tells you of the personality of the company. Much like a photograph, the design of your website can tell stories of what your company is all about. With the use of Photoshop and other editing tools for the interface design, our goal is simple. To create an interface that tells the user what kind of business or company you run, and to establish a persuasive, convincing yet authentic interface.

Step 4
Front End Coding

Our use of the latest coding resources allows us to make sure that the websites we make run compatible with all browsers and mobile devices while ensuring search engine-friendliness to allow Search Engine Optimization. In our modern world where almost everyone is using a smartphone to access the internet, we’ll make sure your website holds its design and integrity on even smaller screens. 

Step 5
Back End Development

The nerve center of your website. The brain. The ring to rule them all. Our control panel will ensure that you and your websites’ needs are met, and you, our esteemed client shall be taught how to use these tools so that you shall be properly equipped on how to manage the content and website as you see fit.

Step 6
Quality Assurance

Here at RHMediaCanada, we not only make sure that what we produce is only great for the show, but we also make sure that it holds out its integrity under any circumstance. Through the use of rigorous tests and heavy quality assurance procedures, we’ll make sure that your website runs as intended, smoothly and perfectly with almost virtually no room for errors.

Step 7
Future Improvements, Maintenance, and Support

Improvements? There’s always room for that. Adding logos, client testimonials, or a complete overhaul or rework of your website, they’re all a part of it. We at RHMediaCanada take your input very seriously. We will put in time and effort to listen, understand, and work with your ideas. And when it’s done, we shall continue providing you support for your website.